• Point of View Research Economic Development

    Point of View research Economic Development (POVRED) is an open access with e-ISSN number 2722-7944. This Journal published in (March, Juny, September and December). The goal is to exchange ideas and knowledge among academics, researchers, government, and practitioners in economics and development studies. The journal is flexible to any science development and any research development. The journal field of studies is microeconomics, macroeconomics, public economics, monetary economics, environmental and resource economics, economics of human resources, regional and urban economics, industrial economics, international economics (trade and finance), development issues, sustainable development, etc.

  • Point of View Research Management

    Point Of View Research Management [POVREMA] is an open access with e-ISSN number 2722-791X. This Journal published in (February, Mey, August and November). The scope of journal is: Finance and wealth management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Operations, Entrepreneurship,  Banking Ethics, Banking Operation and Management.

  • Point of View Research Accounting and Auditing

    Point of View Research Accounting and Auditing is an open access with e-ISSN number 2722-7820. This Journal published in (January, April, July and October). The scope of journal is: Accounting and Auditing Fraud, Taxation, Financial Accounting, Accounting Management, Public Accounting and Systems, Sharia Accounting, Small and Medium Business Accounting, About Accounting Technology, Auditing, Professional Ethics, Intellectual capital, Behavioral accounting, Forensic accounting and audit, Accounting education.